#7 Top Tips For Creating That Fabulous Bathroom!


Bathrooms can be a tricky room to get right and yet everyone uses the bathroom! We all use them everyday from the people that live there to the guests that visit! Here are my top tips to help get it right and make the best out of your bathroom! 

#1 Storage is key add as much hidden storage as possible to your bathroom and stack floating shelves to display everyday essentials that you use! Baskets under cabinets are a great idea. Also think about the types of material you use for your shelving; for example glass is reflective adding light and space to the bathroom.

#2 Using colour in a bathroom should be well thought out. If you are unsure where to use it don’t commit and add colourful accessories with towels, bath mats, shower curtains etc. Subtle colours/ patterns work well in bathrooms especially if you are looking to sell down the line. Remember not everyone may like orange in the same way you do! But those bright orange accessories will lift that neutral scheme! 

#3 Whatever the size of your bathroom go for mirrors! As large as your bathroom can take! You will make the space feel much larger and spacious, if you can get away with a full length as well as a mirror above the sink… Go for it! 

#4 Texture is another element that can create depth to your bathroom from wave tiles and gloss is light reflective. Mosaics create subtle interest in any bathroom and you can choose metallic or matt finishes. 

#5 Artwork is often underplayed in bathrooms but adds great character! You can really personalise this space using artwork or cluster pictures!

#6 When choosing accessories make sure they are aesthetically pleasing and completely functional! They will finish your bathroom off and be on show so take time thinking what will work and look good! Think of them as bathroom jewellery! 

#7 Lighting is extremely important and shouldn’t be an after thought! Think about the style of lighting and position of the lighting at the beginning of the project! Dimmer switches are great in the bathroom and make sure if you would like to use a dimmer that the lighting you choose is dimmer compatible. If you have a contemporary bathroom have a think about LED mirror lights above the sink. Using spotlights give careful consideration to where you want them placed and how many! How bright the bulbs will be too! This is where that dimmer switch comes in to play!


#5 Top Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger


For most of my clients, space is always a problem! Especially storage but what do you do when you have a very small area to work with? Very little natural light, funny shaped rooms? Want to pull your hair out, no idea where to start and how to make the most of that small space? Here are my simple top tips to create that flowing vibe to even the smallest of areas. 

#1 If you have a window in the room, don’t go covering it up in heavy curtains. Use sheers/Voiles to soften the window allowing all of that natural light in. If you would like curtains, make sure you use tiebacks.
If you don’t have a window in the room there are plenty of options. Recessed lighting is one of the best options with a dimmer switch. You can get soft bulbs for these so, you don’t feel like you have walked into a room created by the FBI!!! You can scatter these lights on the ceiling, lighting up those really darker corners! 
Floor lamps and table lamps will all help and can be strategically placed in the areas you feel they are needed.

#2 When choosing your paint colours, go for rich or warm colours. These will help soften the room a big mistake is to go for cooler colours. These can work well where there is a lot of natural light but can feel clinical and would have the opposite effect that you are trying to achieve. If unsure what colours are rich and warm, pop into your decorating store and they will gladly help show you the difference in these hues.

#3 Use lots of light reflective furniture, from; glass side tables, mirrors and chrome. When choosing sofas and chairs go for a style that has open arms and legs. This will visually create the feeling of more room. 
Light will filter under and create a sense of space.

#4 Think about using similar colours in your furniture that you have in your walls. For example: your sofa, chairs or a chest. These will blend in and help to create that feel of a flowing space. Use accent colours on top of these, keep it simple and the space will feel tranquil even though it is a small area. It will be one you feel calm and at ease in. The ultimate goal in a small area! Make sure that the items you choose leave room for you to move around. Scale back if necessary and double measure your space before you buy any furniture!!!

#5 This is a very simple one but de-clutter!!! Get rid of anything that you really don’t need to be in this space. Hide items you do in that chest I mentioned or use a set of gorgeous storage boxes that compliment the room. Hide all clutter!!! If you are lucky to have high ceilings, floating shelves will work beautifully. Use them for the accessories that you would like to display, accent vases, glass picture frames. The more light reflective the better


#8 Top Tips On How To Organise Your Home Office Ideas To Save You Time!


Fed up of searching through paperwork, looking for paperclips, scissors and those envelopes you were sure you left on your desk? Here are some great tips on how to keep even the smallest home office a place where everything is at your fingertips and looks great!

Label your cable wires, you won’t waste time looking for that printer or laptop lead again! 

All of the items you use daily, stick a small piece of magnetic strip on to the back of. Use a magnetic board, like you would a notice board and pin them to it when you’re finished. You will know exactly where they are! Saving your valuable time!

If you have a small office utilise this space by using floating shelves. Put all of your documents you rarely need at the top into boxes and label. The ones you use daily at the bottom, so you can access them easily. Remember if you have a small space, work upwards! 

Use little pots or jars anything you love that works well with your décor and fill with pins, clips, rubbers, pencils and pens. Label and get creative!

If you have desk drawers, an inexpensive way to get organised is to use an egg carton or ice cube tray to store small items making them easy to find.

Have two trays and In and Out to help you keep on top of your workload!

A chalkboard is a great way to plan what you need to get done in a day! When you’ve ticked them off, you can wipe away ready for the next working day!

Organise bills and statements into 12 pocket files. One for each month to help keep on top of all of those monthly statements and invoices.

These tips should help save time and give everything a sense of flow in your office. Simple ideas can, save you time and your energy! No more looking for that clip or file!!!!

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Sophie Louisa Interiors

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Sophie Louisa Interiors

Making interiors functional & beautiful

T: 01392 214 817     M: 07758 947 819